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Houston Built Up Roofer

Serving the Houston Metro Area for over 30 years, Culver Roofing Company specializes in built up roofing systems for commercial, industrial and residential flat roofs.
Also known as hot tar roofing, let Culver Roofing Company install your new built up roof, provide repairs to an existing built up roof, and provide ongoing maintenance of your commercial or industrial built up roof.

Are Built Up Multi-ply Roofs energy-efficient?

Built up roof systems incorporates the roofing insulation into the roofing composition and results in better insulation for better a thermal performance. Some built up roof systems have a ballast layer added that further increases the thermal performance. Roof ballasts, coupled with the multiple layers increasing the insulation properties that boost the roofs energy efficiency….

How do Built Up Multi-ply roofs provide added protection?

Built up roofs offer very durable and highly fire resistant options. A built up roof systems continuously adheres each layer to one another forming a cohesive structure with out the need for fasteners. This durable layering reduces stress points caused & increases wind resistance. The build up roof’s FM1  classification include the highest fire rating…

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